front-doorSchmoyer and Company has extensive experience in health care accounting. We prepare Medicaid and Medicare cost reports for over 70 skilled nursing facilities in the states of South Carolina and Georgia. We have experience in preparing Hospice Medicare cost reports. We have extensive knowledge of Medicare and Medicaid regulations and have three former Medicaid auditors on staff. We represent clients in Medicaid and Medicare audits and related appeals, and can provide expert witness testimony if needed.

Healthcare Services We Offer

  • Medicaid/Medicare Cost Report preparation for Nursing Homes and Hospices.
  • Reimbursement and Compliance Consulting
  • MDS/RUGs Management
  • Medicaid/Medicare Audit Appeals
  • Billing Training and Review

Memberships and Affiliates: SCHCA (SC Health Care Association) SCNHA (SC Nursing Home Association) SCARCH ( SC Association of Residential Care Homes) SCANPHA (SC Association of Not-For-Profit Homes for the Aging) GNHA (Georgia Nursing Home Association)